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Going Plastic Free!

Did you know that there is an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic* being put into our oceans each year? That’s the equivalent of over 270,000 lorries, 103 large cruise ships or 1643 Eiffel Towers. From plastic bags to microbeads, plastic is killing marine life, birds, coral reefs and even land life. This is one… Continue reading Going Plastic Free!

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Hamlet at the Theatre Royal Plymouth

Last week, me and Cam went to see my very first live Shakespeare performance: Hamlet! Cam is always quoting Shakespeare at me, so it only seemed right that we go and see a live performance together! He told me just before Christmas that the Royal Shakespeare Company were coming to Theatre Royal Plymouth for one week… Continue reading Hamlet at the Theatre Royal Plymouth

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Veganuary 2018

IT'S 2018! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wanted to start the new year as I intend to end it- doing things for myself, filling my time with self care and not worrying what everyone else thought about me. 2017 has been tough- it's been a bumpy road full of unhappiness, loss, unexpected news and stress. But… Continue reading Veganuary 2018

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Thespis Project presents ‘The Wrong Side of Prohibition’

Myself and a few of the other lovely Plymouth bloggers were kindly invited to a super special event recently by the Thespis Project down at the Tigermilk cocktail bar at the Duke. Thespis are one of the very few local theatre groups in Plymouth, so it was amazing to attend an event as special as… Continue reading Thespis Project presents ‘The Wrong Side of Prohibition’

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Bloggers Brunch: Rumpus Cosy, Plymouth

I have been dying to visit Rumpus Cosy for so long, that when Ellie said she was back from university for a few days and suggested brunch there, I almost squealed. Rumpus Cosy is the cutest little regal-vintage bistro you'll ever see- they even have their own goldfish! Rumpus Cosy is part of the Radiant Gallery situated next door… Continue reading Bloggers Brunch: Rumpus Cosy, Plymouth