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My Lifetime Bucket List

A while ago, I found a wonderful travel blog that listed a lifetime bucket list, which sparked a sudden light in my brain. I have done so much, and aim to do so much more. Why haven’t I made myself a Lifetime Bucket List yet?

I have been on some incredible holidays, despite only leaving the UK for the first time at the age of 13. I have done so many amazing things, and it made me think: These last 10 years have flown by so fast. How fast will the next 10 years go, and how much will I achieve in this time?
I’m really excited to begin this journey- To push myself to do more, to experience more and to take myself on an amazing journey.

The world is a great big wondrous place. I am determined to smash every expectation and goal, to experience as much as I can and to share it all with you along the way!

PLEASE NOTE: This list is evergrowing. If you think I have anything to add, please, comment below and let me know! Always open to new ideas 🙂

“There’s a million things I haven’t done, just you wait.” – Hamilton: An American Musical.

○ = Not yet done
 = Done before 2018
• = Done after 01/01/2018

Adventure & Adrenaline

○ Abseil Down a Waterfall

 Banana Boating

○ Be in a Submarine

○ Canoe/Kayak in the British Columbia

○ Catch a Wave Surfing

○ Climb a Volcano


  Cycle Amsterdam (2017)

  Cycle Off-Road

  Cycle the Tour de Moor 23k (October 2017)

○ Cycle the Tour de Moor 52k

○ Drive a Dune Buggy

○ Explore a Cavern

○ Flyboard

○ Fly in a Helicopter

○ Get a Tattoo Abroad

○ Go Dog Sledding

○ Go to Bounce Below

  Go to a Theme Park – Alton Towers, Plesurewood Hills, Thorpe Park

○ Go Spelunking

○ Hang Glide

○ Hike a Mountain

○ Hold a Tarantula

○ Ice Skate on a Frozen Lake

○ Indoor Skydive

○ Kite Surf

○ Letter-boxing on Dartmoor

○ Parasail

○ Play Paintball

○ Ride a Horse

○ Ride an ATV

○ Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

○ Rock Climb

○ Sail a Boat

○ Scuba Dive

○ Skateboard

○ Ski

○ Skydive

  Snorkel over/around a Coral Reef

○ Snowboard

○ Shark Cage Diving

  Swim with Sting Rays

○ Tree Surf

○ White Water Rafting

○ Wrap a Snake Around my Neck

○ Zipwire

○ Zorbing

Animals & Nature

○ Adopt an Animal

○ Be a Beekeeper for the Day

○ Be a Zookeeper for the Day

○ Chase a Tornado


○ Explore a Forest

○ Explore a Rainforest

○ Feed an Elephant

  Feed Lambs

○ Feed and Meet Otters

  Feed a Turtle

 Go to a Butterfly House

○ Go Gorilla Watching

○ Go Glamping

○ Go Wild Blackberry Picking

○ Go Whale Watching

○ Hold a Giant Moth

○ Hold Giant Snails

○ Hold a Monkey

○ Jump in a Giant Pile of Leaves


 Kiss a Sea Lion/Be Kissed by a Sea Lion

 Look at the Stars Through a Telescope

○ Meet a Platypus

 Make a Snow Angel

 Make a Snowman

○ Milk a Cow

○ Name a Star

○ Release Baby Turtles into the Ocean

  See a Coral Reef

○ See a Killer Whale

 See Another Planet Through a Telescope

○ See a Redwood Tree

  See a Shooting Star

○ Sponsor an Animal

○ Start Own Fire

○ Stay in a Log Cabin

○ Stroke a Cow

○ Swim with Dolphins

  Swim with Sea Turtles

  Swim with a School of Fish

○ Visit an Animal Rescue Centre

○ Visit a Hot Spring

○ Visit a Lake

○ Wash an Elephant

○ Watch a Meteor Shower

○ Watch Salmon Leaping

General Travel Must-Do’s

  Attend a Small-Town Festival

○ Befriend Someone New Abroad

○ Celebrate Christmas in a Different Country

○ Celebrate my Birthday in a Different Country

○ Celebrate New Years in a Different Country

○ Climb to the Top of a Lighthouse

○ Eat Pizza in Italy

 Eat at a Vegan Restaurant

○ Fly First Class

 Go on a Cruise

○ Go on a Safari

 Go to a Zoo

  Hire out a Cottage

○ Jump In and Out of a Boarder to Another Country

○ Learn a New Language

○ Party in Ibiza

○ Ride a Horse Along a Beach

○ Road Trip

○ See a Blowhole

○ See the Northern Lights

○ Set foot in Antarctica

○ Sleep in a Houseboat

○ Sleep in an Ice Hotel

○ Sleep in an Igloo

○ Sleep in a Teepee

○ Sleep in a Yurt

○ Stand in Times Square at Night

  Stay in a Bed and Breakfast


○ Step Foot in all 7 Continents

  Take a Ferry Somewhere

○ Teach a Language Abroad

○ Throw a Dart at a Map and Go There

 Tour a Cider Farm

○ Tour a Vineyard

○ Travel Alone

○ Travel in a Campervan

○ Travel with my Sister

  Visit a Buddhist Centre

 Visit a Castle

○ Visit a Ghost Town

○ Visit a Temple

○ Volunteer with Animals

○ Attend a Film Premiere

○ Attend a Foam Party

•  Attend a Gallery Opening

○ Attend a Gay Pride Event

○ Attend a Masquerade

 Attend a Wedding Abroad

○ Be an Extra in a Movie

 Be Apart of a Charity Event (Cake sales, Tour de Moor)

○ Be in an Advert

○ Be in the Audience of a Live TV Show

○ Be in the Newspaper

○ Create a Vlog

○ Crowd Surf

○ Complete a Video Game

○ Design my Dream House

○ Get a Drawing Done by a Caricature Artist

 Go on a Fancy Date Night

○ Go to a Bingo Hall

○ Go to a Book Signing

•  Go to a Blues concert

○ Go to a Festival

○ Go to a Paint Party

○ Go to a Poetry Night

○ Go to London Comic-con

○ Go to the Circus

○ Have Palm Read

○ Participate in a Pub Crawl

○ Ride the London Eye

○ See a Ballet

○ See a Basketball Game Live

○ See a Film by Myself

  See a Film in 3-D

○ See a Football Game Live

•  See a Local Production (Hamlet, Wrong Side of Prohibition)

○ See a Magic Show

○ See a Rugby Game Live

•  See a Show at the West End (Hamilton May’18)

○ See a Show on Broadway

  See a Pantomime

○ See an Oprah

○ See my Favourite Band Live

○ See the Grand Prix live

○ Take a Cocktail Class

○ Take a Creative Writing Class

•  Take a Fitness Class

○ Throw a Themed Party

○ Visit a Botanical Garden

• Visit a University Arts Show (Plymouth University)

○ Visit Madam Tussaud’s 
Charity & Volunteering

○ Christmas Shoe Boxes – For more info, follow this link

○ Help Feed the Homeless at Christmas

Midnight Walk, St Lukes Hospice

Moonwalk London, Walk the Walk

Race For Life, Cancer Research

Santa Fun Run

○ Ten Tors 35 Mile Hike

  Tour de Moor 23km, St Lukes Hospice (2017)

Tour de Moor 52km, St Lukes Hospice

○ Volunteer at a Turtle Conservation, STA Travel
Luxuries & Dreams

○ Be in a Private Box at a Performance

○ Be a VIP Guest

○ Buy a Macbook

•  Have a Home Office

○ Own an Amazon Alexa

○ Own a Daniel Wellington Watch

○ Start my Own Business

•  Stay at a 5 Star Hotel (St. Pauls Grange)

○ Stay at an All Inclusive Resort

○ Stay in a Villa

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